Gloria Govan Arrested For Felony Child Endangerment


Gloria Govan was arrested on Friday and charged with felony child endangerment after cops say she put her boys’ safety at risk during a fight with her ex-husband, Matt Barnes.

The shenanigans popped off when Gloria went to the twin boys’ school to pick them up knowing it was Matt’s weekend to have them, according to their custody agreement.

When Matt arrived, Glo already had the boys in her car. Matt instructed his sons to get into his car.

When they listened to their father, Gloria snapped.

According to TMZ, Gloria flew into a rage and followed Matt’s car while screaming and cursing.

She eventually blocked Matt’s vehicle with the boys inside and someone called the police.

When police arrived, Matt produced proof of the court order showing it was his weekend to have the boys.

Gloria Govan was arrested for child endangerment and for violating the court order.

She was released on $100,000 bond early Saturday morning.

Send up a prayer for the Barnes boys. I know it has to be hard for them to see their parents beefing all of the time.

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