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Gladys Knight has released an official statement offering clarity in regards to her statement that she and Aretha Franklin “shared the fact that they had the same disease.”

The Detroit News erroneously reported the legendary singer had pancreatic cancer.

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In her statement, Gladys reveals she was diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer and thanks to early detection – she is now cancer-free.

I’d like to clarify that Aretha and I discussed both of us having cancer, mine was stage 1 breast cancer and hers was pancreatic.

Due to early detection, I am cancer free and grateful for that. It is unfortunate that on a day we should be celebrating Aretha’s life and massive contribution to our world, a reporter who did not relay accurate information has missed the message.

I send my love to the entire Franklin family and my gratitude to them for sharing such an extraordinary person with us.

It’s great to know Gladys Knight kicked cancer’s butt and that she is indeed healthy as her publicist stated after the initial report.

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