Video Surfaces Online Of Girl Having Sex With 25 Boys In Bathroom Of Fort Meyers High School


Girl Recorded Having Sex With Boys In High School Bathroom Is A Sex Trafficking Victim

South Fort Myers High School was rocked by a sex scandal when a video of a girl having sex with up to 25 students in the bathroom surfaced online.

Video Surfaces Online Of Girl Having Sex With 25 Boys In Bathroom Of Fort Meyers High School

Now, the mother of the 15-year-old girl is speaking out and there’s something she wants you to know.

The first thing she wants you to know is her daughter did NOT have sex with 25 boys. It was only a handful of boys. The others were watching.

Secondly, she doesn’t want you to judge her daughter. She revealed her daughter is a victim of sex trafficking. She ran away at 13, was held captive, and trafficked for two years before she was rescued.

She had only attended South Fort Myers for two weeks before the bathroom incident occurred.

Megan Estrem, founder and CEO of Be the Light, an advocacy group for victims of sex slavery, spoke on behalf of the family saying, “I had heard a lot about the incident through the news. I heard it, and thought there’re some red flags. What’s upsetting about this is this behavior is not uncommon for human trafficking victims.”

She went on to say the young lady received help, but it wasn’t enough. She was only accepted in certain programs because she was a runaway and many didn’t address the devastating sex abuse she suffered.

“She did get some help, but it wasn’t specific for what she needed. She was not equipped to make a stable, rational decision in that situation,” Estrem said.

“She has been in an environment where she has been told to behave a certain way, and there were severe consequences if she didn’t,” said Estrem.

Understandably, the girl has been pulled out of the high school.

I pray she gets the love, help, and understanding she needs.