Bushwick Bill of the iconic rap group, Geto Boys, is battling stage 4 pancreatic cancer.

In an exclusive interview with TMZ, Bill (real name Richard Stephen Shaw) was diagnosed in February and he is now undergoing intensive chemotherapy.

The rapper says his diagnosis came as a shock … because he was getting tests for month for a mass on his pancreas … a mass doctors said was benign.

Bushwick’s been keeping his diagnosis private, only telling close family members, but he’s finally ready to share the sad news with the world … even though he hasn’t found it in him to tell fellow Geto Boys founders Scarface and Willie D what’s up.

Bill, who is 52, says it’s too early to tell how his body is responding to the chemo, but he said he ain’t goin out without a fight and added that he isn’t afraid of death.

Watch a clip of his interview below and please keep Bushwick Bill uplifted in prayer.


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