The woman who served as the getaway driver for the man who murdered Nipsey Hussle has been offered police protection after turning into a key witness for the prosecution.

The woman, only identified as Witness 1 in court documents, was in a romantic relationship with Eric Holder on the day she drove him to the Marathon Clothing strip mall on March 31.

LAPD Identify Eric Holder As Suspect In The Killing Of Nipsey Hussle
Eric Holder

She sat in a car behind the strip mall and waited for Eric after he exited the vehicle to confront and murder Nipsey Hussle.

When he returned, Witness 1 drove him away from the scene of the crime.

She is now testifying before a grand jury in exchange for immunity. She also claims she is living in fear for her life.

Shortly after the murder, photos of her car and license plates were making their rounds on social media. There were even rumors that her family members were killed in retaliation, but there is nothing to confirm that.

Now, she is on the receiving end of death threats because quite frankly – people aren’t believing she isn’t as innocent in this as she claims to be.

A detective stated that Witness 1’s safety is of the utmost importance to the LAPD and they will be offering her protection.

It’s unclear how they plan to do so.

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