Officer Shelly Hall lied about being shot by black man


With tensions between the police and the black community at an all-time high – the last thing we need is cops lying on black men.

Georgia Officer Sherry Hall has been slapped with four felony charges after she claimed a black man shot her on September 13.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigations determined….that was a lie. (Maury voice)

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A newly hired Jackson police officer told a compelling story about what happened late the night of Sept. 13. After only three months on the job, Sherry Hall found herself immersed in a high-profile shooting, pitting a white officer against a black man. At least, that was her account of what happened.

But she made the whole thing up, according to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

On Friday, Hall was charged with four felonies, including evidence tampering and giving false statements to investigators.

After her account began to unravel over the past two weeks, investigators were left with little to conclude other than she shot herself, but officials stopped short of saying so Friday.

“Cops are humans and they make mistakes, but this is not a mistake,” Butts County Sheriff Gary Long said at a news conference. “This is criminal.”

Sherry Hall voluntarily checked herself into a “private facility” to seek help. However, GBI Special Agent Joe Wooten said she will be arrested upon her release.

Just in case you were wondering…she’s on paid administrative leave.

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