Georgia Cop tells woman remember we only kill black people

‘We Only Kill Black People’ Officer Allowed To Retire

The fix is in, folks!

The Cobb County police officer who told a driver “Remember, we only kill black people” during a traffic stop announced his retirement at the same time Chief Mike Register was on live TV saying he would be terminated.

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A white Cobb County police lieutenant who told a woman during a traffic stop that “we only shoot black people” will be fired, the police chief said on Thursday.

But even as Chief Mike Register was on live TV announcing the termination of Lt. Greg Abbott, Abbott was sending an email to the county announcing his retirement, Commission Chairman Mike Boyce said. Boyce said it wasn’t clear how that development would affect plans to dismiss the officer.

At Thursday’s press conference, Chief Register said, “I have known Lt. (Greg) Abbott for years and perceived him as honorable, but he’s made a mistake. I don’t know what is in his heart, but I know what came out of his mouth. We recommend that he be terminated and we are moving forward on that.”

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports Cobb County Public Safety Director Sam Heaton confirmed Friday that Lt. Greg Abbott “did request an immediate retirement and we have approved his request.”

Here’s the kicker – even if Abbott had been fired, he would still be eligible to receive his full retirement benefits.

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