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Gary Owen may have just messed up his invitation to the cookout!

On a recent episode of his “Get Some” podcast, the comedian discussed Katt Williams rant about Tiffany Haddish’s talent as a comedian and it appears Gary agrees with him.

Gary credited much of Tiffany’s success to her performance in Girls Trip, and likened her overnight success to that of Melissa McCarthy, who stole the show in Bridesmaids.

She was just so wild in it [Girls Trip] that she just stuck out and then she just started getting offered roles after roles.

She’s never been known for her stand-up. Even though she’s been on ‘Def Jam’ and she had a Showtime special and she just signed a deal with Netflix.

Katt did say something that was valid…’Tell me your favorite Tiffany Haddish joke.’ You can’t.

She hasn’t done anything in the stand-up realm that has stuck out.

Gary made sure to note that he “likes Tiffany a lot, but as far as stand-up – I don’t think she’s the funniest comedian.”

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Do you agree with Gary Owens or is he disinvited to the cookout?

Let me just add – Isn’t “funny” a personal preference? And I never knew comedians were so petty.

Between Gary, Luenell, Leslie Jones, Katt Williams, Kevin Hart and Mike Epps…I’m tired.

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