Gap Kids Issues An Apology After New Ad Is Criticized As 'Passive Racism'

GapKids Issues An Apology For New Ad

GapKids has issued an apology after their newly released campaign ad for Ellen DeGeneres‘ kids line has sparked controversy over it’s racist implications.

The ad features four members of an all-girl circus troupe, but things got iffy for some when one of the white troupe members used the black troupe member’s head as an arm rest.

The backlash was swift as the brand was called out for the ad’s “passive racism.” One person tweeted, “Proving girls can do anything… unless she’s Black. Then all she can do is bear the weight of White girls. #EpicFail.”

Another person tweeted, “Thanks for perfectly illustrating what ‘passive racism’ looks like in mainstream media. #DiversityFail She is NOT your arm rest.”

Some called for heads to roll, “Someone needs to get fired. It was ignorant in the first place to have 1 token black girl, then you make her the arm rest?”


GapKids pulled the ad over the weekend and company spokesperson Debbie Felix issued an apology.

As a brand with a proud 46-year history of championing diversity and inclusivity, we appreciate the conversation that has taken place and are sorry to anyone we’ve offended.

This GapKids campaign highlights true stories of talented girls who are celebrating creative self-expression and sharing their messages of empowerment.

We are replacing the image with a different shot from the campaign, which encourages girls (and boys) everywhere to be themselves and feel pride in what makes them unique.

Do you find the ad offensive?

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