The Game wrote:

Hadn’t spoke on the #OrlandoShooting because it is a very sad & delicate situation & I wanted to choose the right words to truly express my sorrow without offending anyone if possible…. I do not have all the facts & neither does anyone reading this.. But what I do know is, whatever the motive behind this was… It was pure evil & only the devil himself could murder this many beautiful people who were innocently living their lives & simply trying to have a good time. RACISM & HATE of any kind is a cancer to the human race that has plagued this planet since early human existence. & even though, people aren’t running around with white sheets on their heads or Swastika’s pinned to their uniforms doesn’t mean that this problem has gotten any better.. & I’m also not saying it’s only the white race, or middle eastern people or any other ethnic group.. Because let the tragic events of our somewhat recent past like, the Oklahoma City bombings, the Boston marathon attacks, the DC snipers, 911, the Batman killings as well as the murders of so many un-armed, mostly our youths…. HATE has showed it has faces of every color & nationality especially with some of the more recent tragedies like this one which was clearly an attack on the GAY COMMUNITY… How come people can’t be who they wanna be ??? Who are we as individuals to decide we are others judge, jury & executioners ??!?!?!? I’m not GAY, but I don’t have a problem with any other human who chooses to be GAY being gay… Doesn’t affect me & sad as it is, I’m not going to preach or pretend I have an answer or some big solution to these problems that render us helpless as a human race….. But I will say that I think it’s very F**KED UP that people aren’t even allowed to live their lives & be who they choose to be without being judged, beaten, or executed by other flawed humans trying to play God. I’m honestly just sick to my stomach about what happened in #Orlando & want to use my social media platform to wish that God place his hands on each & every last person effected by this horrible tragedy from those who lost their lives to their immediate & extended family members & friends… I am truly sorry for your losses.

I couldn’t agree with him more.

Your thoughts?