The Game Sues Viacom

The Game has slapped Viacom with a $20 million lawsuit claiming they were negligent when casting his sexual assault accuser, Priscilla Rainey, on his reality TV show.


Rainey won a $7.1 million judgement against the rapper, but he wants Viacom to pay it because they kept the alleged unstable contestant on the show banking on her antics to increase ratings.

Priscilla Rainey

Via TMZ:

In docs, he says a doctor working on the production cited Rainey’s long rap sheet — which includes multiple felony arrests for aggravated battery.

According to the suit, the doctor said … “In moments of jealousy, [Rainey’s] normal composure dissolves, leaving her to acting out of control.”

Game says the show thought Rainey would add a spark — aka ratings — so it ignored the doctor.

Rainey ultimately was kicked off the show, and shortly after filed a suit against Game alleging he sexually assaulted her at an off-camera outing. She won a $7.1 million judgment and Game says Viacom should take that hit, plus another $13 mil in damages.

Do you think Viacom should be financially responsible for all of this mess?

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