he Game Defends Usher

The Game Defends Usher

The Game has taken to social media in defense of Usher, who is drowning in an STD scandal.

[NEW PODCAST: ‘Oh No, Usher! What Is You Doin, Baby?!]

While responding to a report on Baller Alert, Game chastised everyone for “trying to tear him down with all of this maybe bogus sh*t.”

He went on to say, “A week ago, everybody were Usher fans,” and now that he has an alleged health condition, the masses have turned on him.

Read Game’s post below (transcribed to edit profanity).

Stop tryna tear n***as down with all this maybe bogus sh*r…Jane Doe this & Jane Doe that… a week ago everybody were Usher fans, now because of a health condition he may or may have have, its f**k Usher, stay away from him, his wife should’ve done this etc…

1/2 the people commenting in here ain’t even took a shower or brushed they teeth this morning yet & got dirty d**ks & fishy market smellin’ vaginas tryna weigh in on somebody else’s life…foh & let this man live bruh

The Game has a valid point. Too bad it’s submerged in ignorant, ratchet, and attention-seeking commentary.

Your thoughts?

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