Gabourey Sidibe is setting the record straight and helping her mother raise funds for her record.

The “Empire” star took to her Twitter account last week to shut down rumors that she had been fired from the hit FOX series. According to reports, the Oscar-nominated actress was allegedly axed from the show for reasons that are too shady to even repeat on this site.

In case you forgot, Gabby is working on two major series on two major networks which calls for her to be M.I.A. for an episode or two.

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Now, that we’ve got that cleared up.

Gabby also announced her 62-year-old mother, Alice Tan Ridley, a subway singer, who garnered national recognition as a contestant on “America’s Got Talent” in 2010, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund her album.


Alice, who has been singing in New York City subways for over 25 years, has launched the $12,500 Kickstarter campaign to help fund her “album of soulful originals and classic renditions.”

Be clear…Alice can sang and those of you who make a hefty donation of $1,500 can have dinner with Alice and her daughter, Gabourey Sidibe, at a private location in NYC.

Watch old footage of her getting it in on “America’s Got Talent.”



Don’t sleep on Kickstarter campaigns. You see the amazing results TLC got!

Best of luck to Ms. Ridley!