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Funkmaster Flex has once again taken his grievances and dramaticals to the airwaves of Hot 97 and this time around his target is JAY Z.

Flex set the stage with a plethora of his trademark “bombs” dropping every couple of seconds as he aired JAY Z out…subliminally of course, for trying to manipulate him for information.

Here’s the Cliffs Note version of the scoop…

In May of 2013, Flex was interviewed by Jigga’s Life + Times blog. They questioned him about how he was able to master the digital space with his website, In Flex We Trust, as well as the development of his cutting edge self-titled app.

Welp. Once the interview was published,  Flex was taken aback by how much of the information he provided was left out of the feature. That is…until JAY Z allegedly took the information (that was missing from the feature) and used it to launch his very own app to coincide with the release of his Magna Carta Holy Grail album.

According to Flex’s bomb-laden rant…he peeped game, but he let it slide.


Funkmaster Flex - Dipset Reunion


But, what has Flex’s panties in a bunch is a recent email he received from Life + Times asking for another interview. This time they want to know about his involvement in the Dipset reunion.


Funkmaster Flex - JAY ZThe same Dipset Funk Flex claims he was banned from playing inside of JAY Z‘s 40/40 Club in Atlantic City.

Now, Flex is on fire because he’s insulted and feels the interview request is another tactic for JAY Z to gain intel on Dipset.

Hit me up and you want to know my involvement in the Dipset…No you don’t! That’s not what you wanna know. You want to know how we moving and what’s the next move.

I know it…I’m not stupid.

Y’all played me with the app already and I figured that out. But, I let y’all slide so you took what I said for I’m soft.

That’s why I’m dealing with you today.

Funkmaster Flex went IN on JAY Z calling him a “funny-looking clown” and continuously referred to his website as “trash” throughout his Hulk Hogan-esque rant.

I had to pause for the cause when Flex said, “I let you live in this town. Don’t think I can’t ruin you. Cause that’s a nice feather in my cap, if I ruin YOU!”

Listen below.



After Flex’s on-air performance, JAY Z began blowing up his phone…from a private number. When Funk Flex didn’t answer, Jigga texted him.


JAY Z - Funkmaster Flex


Flex posted the screenshot of the text on Instagram with the caption:

Really? After calling private for hours you texting with CAPITAL letters????? This guy thinks it 1997 ????

Tomorrow 7pm I got this???? I see you need a tune up and lesson in respect!!!!!

Unfortunately, Funkmaster Flex says part 2 of his hissy fit will continue on Saturday.

Your thoughts?

Photos: Instagram