Freaknik canceled

Freaknik 2016 has been canceled!

The indoor pool party at the Atrium in Stone Mountain slated for Labor Day Weekend was heavily promoted as the return of Freaknik sending people into a frenzy of excitement.

20-year-old party planner Danny Hefner was amped to bring back the event.

Earlier this week, he told the Atlanta Journal Constitution, “I’m getting calls from people asking if it’s for real. It is real. This is going to be wild, fun, just like parties used to be. We’re expecting thousands of people…We’re expecting a lot of people from all over the country.”

But, Atrium owner, Terry Brantley pulled the plug on the event saying black lives matter more than Freaknik.

Brantley told AJC, “In light of the year that black lives matter, we don’t think Freaknik does.”

Welp – put your booty shorts and thongs back in the drawer…