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No one cares until it hits home…

Foxy Brown took to social media on Wednesday and shared a lengthy post expressing her disgust with Trump’s policy of separating families at the border.

The rapper, who is now a mother, said she couldn’t fathom having her child ripped from her arms. “I’d literally f*cking DIE,” she wrote.

Foxy went on to share, how she, like Kanye West, didn’t denounce Trump claiming she didn’t agree with all of his policies, but she “respected” the “art” of closing a deal.

Low and behold, after a family trip to Trinidad Carnival, her own father was denied entry back into the United States…thanks to Trump’s immigration B.S.

I’d literally f-cking DIE, torn apart from my daughter! The atrocity at the border is unspeakable; subjecting any child to an environment conducive to horror, speaks volumes of the demonic world we live in.

My parents are TRINIDADIAN IMMIGRANTS?? (educated, sophisticated, hard-working teacher & welder), yup I rock that flag proudly!

I too, much like Kanye, were one of the few celebs who didn’t publicly denounce Trump in the beginning, and got f—slaughtered!

Although I DID NOT AGREE with every action, (LET ME REITERATE THAT), DID NOT AGREE with his actions, I respected the art of the deal, politics aside.

Yet, our trip to TRINIDAD CARNIVAL ended in horror, (as IMMIGRATION stopped MY FATHER at the airport), and refused him entry back to the US, where he’s lived for 50 something years, married in, and all 3 of his kids (Inga, Gavin & Anton) were born!

Trinidad let him through, US won’t let him back in!!! It sent chills through my family, we fought like hell, quietly, and YES my father’s STILL stuck there!

He wasn’t by my side as I’d hoped, as I gave birth to my only daughter.

Convo’s are heartbreaking; I tend to end them quickly, even his voice sounds different, his spirit just isn’t the same.

Seeing these babies torn from their parents, I knew no longer could I fight this in silence.

Holding “MY C” so much tighter right now, as my heart bleeds for these babies!❤

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I wonder if Foxy Brown is ready to denounce Trump now….