Foxy Brown Speaks Out About #HipHopHonors

Foxy Brown has taken to Instagram to address her and Lauryn Hill‘s exclusion from VH1’s Hip Hop Honors on Monday night.

According to Fox Boogie, she wasn’t surprised that the “Reality Show Network” left her and L Boogie out telling her fans, “After All Guys This Is VH1!”

Foxy, born Inga Marchand, went on to explain how she holds herself to a higher standard and she aspires to be honored by the “Upper Echelon.”

Peep her full post below.

THANK YOU Beloveds!❤️❤️ I Love You Guys Dearly! I Awoke This Morning, Oblivious And Shocked At Our Fans Across The World’s TRENDING Outrage At (Reality Show Network) @VH1’s Non-Inclusion Of LAURYN HILL & FOXY BROWN. Anyone Recognized, (Whether The Contribution Big Or Small) I Applaud.?? Personally, I’d Prefer Being Held To A Much Higher Standard In My Walk, But Fans Went Ballistic; The PEOPLE Have Spoken! We’ve Been Blessed To Set The Bar At It’s Highest Heights; Most Notably Receiving The 2016 Historic “KEY”?To My CITY of BROOKLYN?…..Therefore, Humbly Speaking The CALIBER Of HONOR I’d Aspire To Are Those “UPPER ECHELON”. After All Guys This Is VH1!

Truthfully, The Only Accolade That Truly Matters To ME Is Of The MOST HIGH.

Rest Assured, I’m In The Studio Perfecting This Incredible Return. Humbled And Blessed To Kill It Again! My Girl L BOOGIE (My Fav) And I, Have The Dopest Convo, Cracking Jokes In Our Caribbean Accents As She Prepares For An Amazing Overseas Tour.

So, Actually Guys Let’s THANK @VH1???? As We Are Definitely #TheDifference!!!! I LOVE MY FOXNATION! ❤️Fox!

Foxy Brown isn’t the only one feeling some type of way about being excluded.

Angie Stone blasted VH1 for snubbing her 1970’s rap group, The Sequence.

Your thoughts?