Foxy Brown Celebrates Her Daughter C’yani’s First Birthday & Opens Up About Her Emergency Delivery

Foxy Brown daughter C'yani first birthday

Foxy Brown is on cloud 9 as she celebrates her daughter, C’yani‘s first birthday.

The rapper took to Instagram and gushed about her beautiful baby girl and opened up about her emergency delivery that left her begging God for her life.

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πŸ™πŸΎSaved My LIFE. ᏴαŽͺᏴY Ꮯ!!!!!!!πŸ’• At this very moment, giving α΄α†αŽ‘αŽ’αŽ» to ᎷY incredibly ᏩᎾ᎑ᏩᎬᎾᏌᏚ, ᏆNαŽ’αŽ¬αžαžα†α©αŽ¬N᎒, Ꮯ'YαŽͺNᏆ saved my soul.πŸ’• Fiercely loving and protecting you with everything I am, ᏚᎾ Ᏼ᎑αŽͺα™αŽ¬αžY you fought to αžα†α™αŽ¬πŸ™πŸΎthrough our emergency delivery. ᎒ᎻαŽͺNK YᎾᏌ α“αŽ¬αšαŒαš. Those ᏴᏆᏩ Ꮹ᎑αŽͺY ᎬYᎬᏚ, my ᏚᎾᏞαŽͺᏟᎬ in this cold world. ᏞᎾ᎑Ꭰ, you meticulously created this masterpiece I'm so humbly grateful for. ᎒ᎻαŽͺNK YᎾᏌ α“αŽ¬αšαŒαš. Undeserving I feel, of such an ᏆNαŸαŽ‘αŽ¬αŽ α†α΄αžY Ᏼ᎑ᎬαŽͺ᎒Ꮋ᎒αŽͺKᏆNᏩ αžαŽΎα™αŽ¬. αŽ¬α™αŽ¬αŽ‘YᎾNᎬ ᎻᎬᏞᏒ ᎷᎬ α”α†αšαŽ» ᎷY ANGEL αŽͺ α΄αžα†αšαšFᏌᏞᏞY ᏴᏞᎬᏚᏚᎬᎠ ᎻαŽͺᏒᏒY Fα†αŽ‘αšαŽ’ πŸŽ€α΄α†αŽ‘αŽ’αŽ»αŽ αŽͺY!!!!!!πŸŽ€ πŸ’œyou ᏴᎬᏚ᎒ FαŽ‘α†αŽ¬NᎠ! ᎷᎾᎷᎷYπŸ’œ

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YᎾᏌ.πŸ’œ Literally in ᎒ᎬαŽͺ᎑Ꮪ, staring at you blissfully snuggled up with ᎷᎾᎷᎷY!πŸŽ€πŸ’œπŸŽ€ ᎷY ᎻᎬαŽͺ᎑᎒ (a heart that's seen an abundance of ᏒαŽͺᏆN yet incomparable α“αŽΎY) on Fα†αŽ‘αŽ¬πŸ”₯πŸ”₯as those fat lil' cheeks lit up with surprise ripping all of your α΄α†αŽ‘αŽ’αŽ»αŽ αŽͺY ᏩᏆF᎒Ꮪ open!!!!πŸ’ž Baby. My Baby! Your ᎷαŽͺ᎒Ꮜ᎑αŽͺαŽ’α†αŽΎN is unparalleled, only αŽͺ YᎬαŽͺ᎑ ᎾᏞᎠ wiping YᎾᏌ᎑ ᎷᎾᎷᎷY's tears when life gets too crazy. I've found something worth ᎠYᏆNᏩ FᎾ᎑ now I can αžα†α™αŽ¬!πŸ’• ᎻαŽͺᏒᏒY ᎻαŽͺᏒᏒY α΄α†αŽ‘αŽ’αŽ»αŽ αŽͺY ᏴᎬᏚ᎒ FαŽ‘α†αŽ¬NᎠ!!!!!πŸ¦„πŸ’œπŸ¦„πŸ’œ ᎷᎾᎷᎷYπŸ’œ **@jackie_rowe YOU!πŸ’‹ α”αŽ¬ αžαŽΎα™αŽ¬ YᎾᏌ FᎾ᎑ αžα†FᎬ ᏴᏆᏩ αŽ»αŽΎαŽ·α†αŽ¬πŸ’œ @michaellavine Our geniusπŸ“· weπŸ’œu!

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Happiest Birthday C’yani.

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