Fox News Host Suggests Secret Service Kill Bow Wow & Snoop Dogg

Fox News host Kimberly Guilfoyle said the secret service should kill Bow Wow and Snoop Dogg for their disrespect of Donald Trump and his wife, Melania Trump.

All of this mess began when Snoop pointed a prop gun at a clown version of Trump in his new “Lavender” music video.

When Snoop pulls the trigger the word “bang” flies out of the gun.

Snoop Dogg Lavender video Donald Trump


Donald Trump responded to the video by tweeting out:


That’s when Bow Wow jumped out of the window (doing the most) and warned Trump to shut his mouth before he (and Snoop) put Melania on the stroll for them.

Bow Wow - Snoop Dogg - Melania Trump

During a recent episode of Fox News’ “The Five,” Greg Gutfield kicked it off by mocking Bow Wow’s music and acting career (or lack thereof) before Kimberly Guilfoyle suggested the secret service should kill them.

She added, “I think it would be fantastic if they got a visit from the Federal Marshals and then let’s see how tough and gangster they are now.”

Watch the clip of them slumming on Fox News below.


Bow Wow may have tweeted a check his a** can’t cash. He wanted attention…well, now he’s got it.

Your thoughts?

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