Jordan Edwards Family Files Wrongful Death Suit Against Ex-Cop Roy Oliver

Roy Oliver, the former Texas cop who shot and killed 15-year-old Jordan Edwards as he was leaving a party has been convicted of murder.

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Juror reached a verdict on the second day of deliberations.

Via NY Daily News:

Oliver and a second officer, Tyler Gross, were breaking up a house party when they heard shots fired.

Oliver said he used deadly force because he believed the driver of a vehicle leaving the party threatened his partner. Edwards was riding in the passenger seat of the car.

Gross testified that he did not fear for his life.

Dallas County prosecutors told the jury that Edwards should be alive today.

“This innocent kid was not doing anything wrong, nothing. He deserved the opportunity to go to college,” prosecutor Mike Snipes said. “He deserved the opportunity to make Odell Edwards a grandfather, and you took that away from him. You murdered him.”

Roy Oliver now faces up to 99 years in prison.

Good riddance!

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