Claudia Jordan - The Next 15

A year ago I made my debut on the wildly popular Real Housewives of Atlanta on ‪#‎Bravo‬. It was a whirlwind experience! I was asked to join Asa friend of Kenya’s and stated watching the show when my friend started on it a few years ago. I was new to the city and was starting two new shows at the same time on top of Being a frequent contributor to HLN- in other words- I was team ‪#‎NoSleep‬! The benefits I got from a season on this show were and continue to be so plentiful and mind owing til this day. I know a lot of folks criticize reality TV and some shows admittedly deserve it- but I’ll ways be grateful for my experience. Yes I get criticized but the love and encouragement I’ve gotten from so many amazing fans has been overwhelming. I wanted to write some kind of post to express my gratitude becaus Ein this business far too many take it for granted. Whether it’s one season or ten- the show is so big that if you work it right- it can do so much for your career. And it has! Some things I’ve announced— some things I’ve kept to myself (for now) but I want to say thank you to @bravotv @bravoandy and to True Entertajnment . Also THANK YOU to @kingdomlos and to @thekenyamoore for everything! Although the situation want right for me to return THIS season-I do and did appreciate the invitation and you never know what the future holds! Stranger things have happened- like how I even got my peach in the first place! Again- the ride was amazing and the blessings keep pouring in because of this so I THANK YOU again and again and again! And to the over 250k more people following me now because of this show- I appreciate each and every one of you too! You make me laugh and smile when I read your supportive comments and the few negative ones just give me more motivation to do even more! Because of this show I’ve signed on for another one and I’m in a much bigger role and I’m loving it. In the end- everyone ends up exactly where they are supposed to be! Have faith and you will sleep well at night! ❤❤❤ ‪#‎TheNext15‬ coming soon! ‪#‎RHOA‬ #Bravo ‪#‎ThanksAgain‬ ‪#‎Grateful‬

In case you haven’t heard. Ms. Jordan will be starring in TV One’s forthcoming reality series, “The Next 15.”

The show will follow a group of former reality TV stars who are working to overcome personal challenges and obstacles as they grind to find their next 15 minutes of fame.

According to, Benzino (“Love & Hip Hop Atlanta“), Karamo Brown (“The Real World“), Laura Govan (“Basketball Wives LA“), Jennifer Williams (“Basketball Wives Miami“), and Tiffany “New York” Pollard (“Flavor of Love“), will join Claudia on the show.

Congratulations to Claudia Jordan. We wish her the best.

Photo: Instagram

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