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Marcus Camby has agreed to come up off of a grip in his divorce settlement.

The former NBA baller will pay his ex-wife, Eva Camby, $4.1 million as well as $15,000 a month in child support!

According to court documents, Marcus will pay Eva a lump sum of $3,600,000 followed by another payment of $500,000 as an equalization payment to cover all obligations or their prenuptial agreement.

Oh, then there’s $35,000 for Eva’s divorce attorneys and outstanding credit card debt.

Sis will also roll out with a 2018 Tesla X (white), Porsche Panamera, all bank accounts in her name, the home in Manvel, Texas, all of her jewelry and other personal effects, 50% of all furnishings, art, appliances, dishes, china, silverware, decoration and art at their marital home.

Marcus will hang on to his black 2018 Tesla, all other cars in his name, his bank accounts in his name, his jewelry and their marital home.

Marcus Camby and Eva Camby split after 14 years of marriage. During their union they welcomed two small children.

In her divorce petition, Eva claims Marcus caused her personal injury and “repeatedly and continuously committed adultery, including fathering an extra-martial child.”

She also said he “contracted an infectious disease” and “intentionally exposed” her to it. 

Eva wanted the prenup thrown out because she said she signed it “under duress.” and added that

Marcus sought joint custody of the kiddos and asked a judge to order Eva not to trash him on social media or hide the kids from him.

Now, about his extra-marital child….

Marcus Camby did father a child outside of his marriage with Noemi Valdez in 2011. They reached a custody and support agreement in December 2018.

He will pay Noemi $4,000/mo in child support and both parents will provide health coverage.

Whew chile…Marcus was wildin!

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