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Former NBA star Eric Murdock has slapped United Airlines with a $10 million lawsuit for discrimination and race-baiting.

According to his lawsuit, the 50-year-old former Utah Jazz baller was flying home to Newark Airport from Las Vegas on Flight 1537 in July.

Eric asked a flight attendant if he could sit in an empty emergency exit row with his son. She told him “No” because there was a “premium” price to sit there. She never stated what the fake “premium” price was.

A ticketed passenger boarded the plane and offered to switch seats with Eric, but when he moved, the “rude and dismissive” flight attendant ordered Eric back to his original seat and told him the row had to stay empty.

However, 30 minutes into the trip the flight attendant allowed a white woman to sit in the row without question or incident.

When another passenger named Brenda Williams peeped game and questioned the flight attendant – she screamed on Brenda and told her it was none of her business.

The attendant also accused Brenda of recording the incident on her cell phone and tried to snatch it out of her hand.

When the plane landed, Eric Murdock and Brenda Williams were escorted off of the plane by security and questioned by armed guards from the Transportation Security Administration.

They were eventually released without charges.

A spokeswoman for United Airlines said the company has “zero tolerance” for discrimination and they will look into the allegations.

I bet that $10 million lawsuit will make them look real hard.

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