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Former NBA Baller Glen Rice Jr. Shot Following Altercation At T.I.’s Scales 925 Restaurant

Former NBA baller Glen Rice Jr. suffered a gunshot wound to the leg following an altercation at T.I.‘s new Scales 925 restaurant.

On Sunday night, five to six men, including Rice, were involved in a verbal altercation inside of the restaurant that spilled into the parking lot.

Shots rang out and Glen was hit in the leg. The shooter fled the scene, but surveillance video reportedly captured Rice discarding a firearm in a stairwell before he hopped in the passenger seat of a black Porsche and got out of dodge.

When officers pulled over the vehicle they found Rice bleeding from his leg and roughly $6,000 in his pocket. He was taken to Grady Hospital, where he was treated for his gunshot wound.

Back at the scene, cops discovered an abandoned black book bag that contained 240.4 Grams of marijuana and a U.S. Passport belonging to Mr. Rice.

He was later charged with reckless endangerment and possession of marijuana.

Full police report:

“On 10-25-2015 I responded to a Person Shot call at 30 Ivan Allen Blvd. Upon arrival I spoke to (a restaurant employee) and he stated that he works for the 925 Scales Restaurant, and he stated that five or six males were in the restaurant on the upper deck, and they were having a verbal altercation between them, and they were asked to leave the location by staff.

“All the males left the location and headed to the parking lot. The verbal altercation continued, and it turned into fight between a male with a red shirt, and a heavy set male. (The employee) stated that he heard one gun shot, and he saw the male with the red shirt with a gun on this right hand and he headed to the West Peachtree Street side of the building. (The employee) was not able to see the person that was shot.

“There is video footage from the restaurant that shows the altercation on the parking lot, and the male with the red shirt shot at Mr. Glen Rice on the left leg, and the subject left the location as a passenger on a black sedan that was parked on the curb waiting for him. Then Mr. Rice was seen on the video running on Ivan Allen Blvd. side of the building, and he threw a black revolver on a stairwell that was adjacent to the sidewalk.

(The employee) stated that he saw a black Porsche come out the parking lot of the restaurant after the victim was shot, and headed to Ivan Allen Blvd. A black Porsche was also seen on the video, and it made a u-turn on the middle of the street, and picked up Mr. Rice and continued on Ivan Allen Blvd towards Peachtree Street. Several units were working an extra job on Peachtree Street blocking the road for an event, when they saw a black Porsche drive through the blocked road, and stopped at Peachtree Street and Linden Ave in front of Emory Hospital. Mr. Rice came out of the front passenger seat, and laid on the sidewalk of the intersection bleeding from his leg. Mr. Rice stated that he was shot and he did not know who shot him.

The driver of the vehicle parked the vehicle at 68 Linden Ave, and exited the vehicle and returned to where Mr. Rice was. (The driver) stated that he was on his way to pick up Mr. Rice from the restaurant, and he noticed that he was shot on the leg. He picked him up and attempted to drive him to the hospital. Grady units 374 and 604 arrived on scene and transported Mr. Rice to Grady Hospital. Two crime scenes where set up.

“One of them at 30 Ivan Allen Blvd in front of the Scales restaurant, and the second one at 68 Linden Ave at the parking lot where the vehicle was parked. Sgt. Collins Arrived on the 30 Ivan Allen Blvd crime scene, the entire front of the restaurant was roped off with crime scene tape. A .380 Auto shell casing was found on the sidewalk on West Peachtree side where Mr. Rice was shot.

“A series of drops of bloods lead to the loaded revolver that was found on Ivan Allen Blvd side. The serial number of the weapon is: H37601 Smith and Wesson 32 Cal. Long. I ran the weapon and it is possibly stolen out of Chattanooga, Tennessee. It takes them 24 hours to confirm if the weapon was actually stolen, and an investigator will follow up with Chattanooga. ID unit 7346 arrived on scene and took pictures on the scene, he took blood samples of the sidewalk, and took the shell case, and the revolver and they were placed in Police property as evidence. I drove to the next crime scene on 68 Linden Ave where the vehicle is located, which was secured by Officer Bien-aime. ID arrived on scene and took pictures of the vehicle.

“I noticed a black book bag that was abandoned on the parking lot next to the Porsche. I opened the bag and found 240.4 Grams of marijuana and a US Passport that belongs to Mr. Rice. ID took pictures of the bag and its contents, and the bag was handed over to Investigator Fowler along with $5,953 in cash that was in Mr. Rice’s possession when he was shot and they were left inside the vehicle to be taken to property as evidence. Mr. Rice was charged with reckless conduct and possession of marijuana (240.4 Grams).”

A full investigation is in progress.


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