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Former ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ Cast Members Benzino & Althea Are Expecting!

Benzino - Althea pregnant


Benzino and Althea are having a baby!

The former “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” cast members staged an announcement on Instagram with Althea posting an InstQuote that read, “BABE….I’m Pregnant.”

Benzino shared the post adding, “OMG!!!!! I CANT BREATHE!!!! IM SO HAPPY!!!! AN I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO!!!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH @luvheraltheaheart.”



After people began to clown the couple for acting as if he found out his fiancée was pregnant via Instagram when they were probably in the same room…both Benzino and Althea snatched down their posts.

Since they were handed their LHHATL walking papers, Benzino and Althea have been doing the most and going hard in the paint trying to secure another reality TV show.

Maybe they’ll pitch their “pregnancy” to land a show. I can see it now… “Zino, Thi Thi, and a Baby.”


Photos: Instagram

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