Former Destiny's Child Singer Farrah Franklin Arrested AGAIN

Farrah Franklin Arrested Again

Farrah Franklin was arrested for public intoxication and marijuana possession early Thursday morning in Atlanta.

The former Destiny’s Child singer was arguing with a man outside of a Dekalb County gym around 3 a.m. Thursday morning.

When officers arrived to diffuse the situation, Farrah wouldn’t leave and reportedly told the officer, “These n***as won’t leave me alone.”

Farrah reeked of booze, had slurred speech, and bloodshot eyes. When the officers asked her if she had been drinking, she responded, “Not enough.”

At that point, she was arrested for public intoxication and possession of a small amount of weed.

Her bail is set at $250 and she’s still in custody.

It may be time for homegirl to check into someone’s rehab.

She’s been in jail longer than she was in Destiny’s Child.

In other news….Farrah joined Snapchat hours before her arrest.


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