Danny Boy trashes Michel'le

Former Death Row Artist Danny Boy Trashes Michel’le

I think it’s pretty safe to say Danny Boy doesn’t care for Michel’le.

During a recent sit down with VLAD TV, the former Death Row artist trashed the “R&B Divas LA” star calling her a drunk, a hoe, and a devil to be exact.

Tell em why you mad, Danny.

According to the Danny Boy, after Suge Knight was incarcerated, Michel’le cut him (and others) off financially, took his car, and even moved him out of his house while he was out of town.

He continued to spill tea by saying he believes she was partially responsible for the Dr. Dre and Suge Knight’s beef and added that Michel’le used to kick it with Suge’s wife before she started dealing with him.

When asked if he believes Michel’le slept with Tupac, Danny says he doubts it because Suge’s women were off limits to everyone. He added that anything’s possible because she was also a drunk.

Oh Lordt!

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