Over the weekend, a viral video of Trina spazzing out on a racist woman in Walmart was all over social media.

The “Baddest Bih” completely lost it when she allegedly bumped into a white woman and the woman called her a “n***er b**ch.”

It turns out – that’s not what actually happened.

Trina spoke with TMZ and revealed she was actually trying to make sure the woman was okay when she hurled the racial slur at her.

I didn’t bump into her in the store, this lady was way across in the kid’s section, just shopping with clothes, and she was just crying.

I just looked over and was like, ‘Oh, hi. Are you OK?’ And she looked up like a demon—demonic, very evil, satanic witch. And she was like, ‘Get away from me, you n***er b**ch.’

As I got to the register, my friend said, ‘You owe my friend an apology.’ And that’s when she just looked around acting belligerent.

I said, ‘Say it again. You called me a n***er, and I am a n***er—one that will whoop your ass.’

This is not the 1800s. This is not the slavery days.

I live in that area, in a very nice area. I don’t do racial slurs — this is not gonna happen. We’re not slaves, and you’re gonna get your ass whooped—anybody next time that calls me anything outside of my name.

Watch the video clip below of Trina speaking on the situation.


Trina took to social media with this message:

It is so unfortunate that in the year of our Lord 2019, we are still dealing with racism.