Helena Andrews texting during White House Correspondents Dinner-3


Helena Andrews says she wasn’t texting!

On Saturday night, a video of a woman engrossed in her cellphone (presumably texting) during the National Anthem at the 2015 White House Correspondents’ Dinner went viral on social media.

Many felt it was an extremely bad look and disrespectful to be texting during the Nation Anthem, while there were others who felt she had every right to do her.

See the video below.



According to Bustle.com, the Nerd Prom cellphone bandit is Washington Post “Reliable Source” columnist, Helena Andrews.

She’s a Columbia University graduate with quite an impressive resume, which includes being an accomplished author whose 2010 book, B**ch is the New Black, may become Shonda Rhimes’ next movie.

After the floodgates of backlash opened on Twitter,” Helen Andrews shot off a snarky tweet informing her critics that she was simply taking notes on her phone “because it’s 2015.”


Helena Andrews texting White House Correspondents' Dinner National Anthem


Unfortunately, the masses weren’t buying what Helena was selling. In my best JAY Z voice…They don’t believe you. You need more people.

The good news is, according to one of our ICCers, whatever she was doing isn’t going to stop her from getting into heaven.