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FOR THE RECORD: Ginuwine Is NOT On ‘Lean’ – ‘My Facebook Page Has Been Hacked!’

Ginuwine wrote:

So I wake up this morning and I see nonsense about me I usually don’t respond to BS but anyone that truly knows me would know what is being said is hilarious, anyone who follows me on a FB knows I haven’t been able to retrieve my Facebook in months nor post anything on it,it’s hacked and has been for a while now,everyone that follows me know I only post on Instagram and Twitter go back and simply look,so who ever posted that here’s a big F**K YOU….what’s sad is that I have kids who see that and knows that it’s nonsense but it still hurts when a blog puts shit like that out, I’m at a place in my life where I’m totally happy and just getting things all together again after a rough year,
# I definitely would not start doing drugs at all,it’s crazy what people will believe …So to my supporters thanks for having my back and knowing bullshit when you see it,I won’t respond again it’s not in my nature to give credence to something that has no relevance what so ever,but to my kids I’m sorry that you even have to see a lie like this about your dad. Blessings.

Glad to know it wasn’t Ginuwine who posted the photo. But, I’m still wondering why he hasn’t contacted Facebook to inform them his page has been hacked. Being as though the page is verified and what not.

Photo: Instagram

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