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FOR THE RECORD: ‘Dope’ Actor De’Aundre Bonds Denies Getting Jumped In Brutal LA Assault

De'Aundre Bonds


Actor De’Aundre Bonds, best known for his roles in Sunset Park, The Wood, and Dope, was attacked, brutally beaten, and left unconscious in the middle of a Los Angeles street on Thursday night.


Actor De'Aundre Bonds brutally beaten in LA

Via TMZ:

We’re told Bonds says he was jumped in downtown L.A. Thursday around midnight … beaten into unconsciousness, and left in the middle of a street. One of his friends happened to be driving by after the attack, realized it was Bonds and drove him to a hospital.

His injuries are pretty brutal — requiring 8 stitches across his eyebrow, and 2 in the middle of his head. He was released early this morning.

Bonds is telling friends his attackers jumped out of nowhere, and he didn’t see any faces. He did not call police.

Here’s where things get tricky…

De’Aundre is saying he did NOT get jumped. The actor took to his social media accounts and slammed TMZ for their false reporting.

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