FOR THE RECORD: Damon Dash Gives Larry King The Scoop On His Arrest Warrant & Why He Can’t Be Friends With JAY Z

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Damon Dash doesn’t like men who are Chatty Pattys, but it appears he may have become one as of late.

The entangled Hip Hop mogul was recently a guest on “Larry King Now” and he opened up about his ongoing battle with his ex-wife, Rachel Roy, and the warrant that was issued for his arrest.

Damon told Larry, “Right now…I got warrants out for my arrest for things that don’t make sense.” He continued, “For child support…but, I know I just gave my son’s mother $120,000 for a house – outside of child support. But, because of a laywer, I have a warrant for my arrest for $23,000.”

Watch below as Dame breaks down his plight.



Larry King asked Damon Dash if he and JAY Z were still friends. Dame’s response seemed to throw Larry off a bit.

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