Smollett Eats Sneak Peek

“Smollett Eats”

The Food Network has released a first look at their new series, “Smollett Eats,” featuring Jussie Smollett, Jurnee Smollett-Bell, and their gorgeous siblings, Jake, Jocqui, Jojo, and Jazz.

The six-episode series will feature the six Smollett siblings cooking and baking in episodes centered around family gatherings.

Jurnee gave the scoop on the show saying:

It’s really like a sneak-peek into what we like to do as a family. Food is such a centerpiece of our lives. Whenever we have any excuse to get together it’s always, ‘What are we cooking? What is the menu going to be?’ Food has always been the focal point of our lives. We’re obsessed with food. It was fun to be able to be ourselves and work with each other again and invite people into seeing how we love food.

Jake, who is a master chef, added:

You’re going to see us smack-dab in my home kitchen, as if we’re at one of our sibling’s houses cooking up something for a special occasion. This is really the way we do things; every episode is us celebrating an occasion — we have a big barbecue episode and a Southern-themed episode. It’s a lot of variety for people … and these are our recipes. Food Network as been great about letting us run with it and letting our cooking style shine. We’re making stuff we made growing up.

Check out a sneak peek below.


Smollett Eats” premieres on August 20 at 12:30p.

Will you be watching?