Wedding Party dancing in church


There’s nothing like a wedding celebration!

It’s a beautiful occasion where two people exchange lifelong vows in front of God, their family, and friends.

Thanks to YouTube and social media, we’ve seen an influx of videos of people stretching the bounds of creativity from their wedding party attire to funky reception dance routines.

A new video of a wedding party turning up in a church has gone viral and caused quite a bit of dialogue.

The video shows everyone from the ring bearer to the bride and groom getting jiggy down the aisle to Silento’s “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae),” with a full show out session in the back of the church.

Watch below.



Many feel the secular music and dancing inside of the Lord’s house is downright disrespectful and appalling…while others feel it’s just celebrating a happy occasion.

What are your thoughts?

Photo | Video: Facebook

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