Florida Woman Arrested For Driving Down Highway With Her Ex-Boyfriend On The Hood-1

The Florida woman who drove down a highway with her ex-boyfriend on the hood of her car has been arrested.

Last Sunday, 24-year-old Patresha Isidore apparently got into some type of dispute with her child’s father, Junior Francis, and tried to drive off with his car.

Junior jumped onto the hood of the car to stop her, but Patresha continued to drive the vehicle – making her way to Interstate 95, where she drove for 19 miles before she was stopped.

Patresha was arrested, charged with culpable negligence and booked into Broward County Main Jail.

According to the arrest report, Junior did not want to press charges or give a sworn statement against Patresha because they have a child together.

Video of Patresha driving down the highway with Junior on the hood was posted on social media and instantly went viral.

Watch the news report below.



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