A Miami “psychic” was sentenced to three years in prison for scamming a Texas woman out of $1.6 million to remove a curse from her family.

[Sis would have come out cheaper buying some sage and a prayer cloth.]

28-year-old Sherry Tina Uwanawich met the Texas woman in 2007, gained her trust, then convinced her a curse had been placed on her family.

Sherry scammed this woman over the course of 7 years – collecting large sums of money to buy special crystals and candles to perform meditations that would lift the curse.

Apparently, in 2014, Sherry decided the gig was up and confessed to the woman that there was never a curse on her family.

Uwanawich pleaded guilty to wire fraud and will now have to serve three years and four months in prison.

I wonder if Sherry saw this jail-time coming…considering she is a psychic and all. ??‍♀️

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