For the first time in 30 years, a Florida police officer has been convicted for the shooting death of a black man.

A jury found 41-year-old Nouman Raja guilty of manslaughter with a firearm and attempted first-degree murder for killing 31-year-old musician Corey Jones.

Corey was stranded on a South Florida highway and awaiting help after his SUV broke down after a gig.

When he was approached by Raja, who was in plain clothes, Corey Jones reached for his registered weapon fearing he was about to get robbed.

That’s when Nouman Raja shot him to death.

Audio recording from the incident proved Raja never identified himself to the victim. His attorney tried to justify the shooting under the “stand your ground” law, but a jury wasn’t trying to hear that nonsense.

Via NBC News:

In a statement, attorneys for the Jones family said the conviction showed “what can happen when prosecutors have the dedication to charge an on-duty law enforcement officer in the murder of an innocent black man, and what can happen when a thoughtful judge rejects a shameless ploy to use Florida’s questionable Stand Your Ground law as a shield against wrongdoing.”

“This verdict is a vindication of the good man that was Corey Jones, and an utter repudiation of a criminal who tried to hide behind a badge,” the statement said. “Though the Jones family will miss Corey for the rest of their lives, they can finally start to heal knowing that justice has finally been served.”

“The truth has prevailed,” Jones’ father, Clint, said during a press conference Thursday.

Watch the report below.



Thank God Corey’s family got justice for his senseless death.

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