Flex Alexander Appeals To Netflix For A ‘One On One’ Reboot

Flex Alexander Asks Netflix For 'One On One' RebootFlex Alexander Asks Netflix For ‘One On One’ Reboot

If “Full House” can get a reboot on Netflix why can’t “One On One?”

Flex Alexander took to social media on Tuesday to appeal to Netflix to reboot his 2001 UPN sitcom, “One On One,” co-starring Kyla Pratt.

In a post on his Instagram page, the actor and comedian said he’s already got the storyline ready. He also encouraged his fans to join in him pushing for a reboot.

Hey @netflix I’m seeing @fullerhouse reboot and a few others.. How about a ONE ON ONE reboot???

What do you think @kylapratt @sicilysierra@kellyperine @therobertrichard

Jus sayin…I’ve already got the new story ready?? All of my followers #oneononerebootnetflix

Are you here for a “One On One” reboot?

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