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FIX MY LIFE: Laura Govan Tells Iyanla She Joined ‘Basketball Wives’ Because She Was ‘Angry’ (Video)

In a newly-released clip, the former “Basketball Wives” star Laura Govan tells Iyanla Vanzant she joined the VH1 reality show because she was “angry.”

Laura Govan - Iyanla Fix My Life

Laura Govan On ‘Iyanla: Fix My Life’

Laura Govan is next up on “Iyanla: Fix My Life.”

After her stint on reality TV, Laura has gone through hell with her ex, Gilbert Arenas, who uses every opportunity he can to drag the mother of his children from the courtroom to social media.

In a newly-released clip, the former “Basketball Wives” star told Iyanla Vanzant she joined the VH1 reality show because she was “angry.”

I was angry with my life…with my ex. I was angry – I remember just being bitter.

I couldn’t wait to tell the story that I had sat in this house that was 15,000 square feet with four babies by myself.

I couldn’t tell nobody. It was like I was drowning.

I had everything and I had nothing.

Watch the clip below.


See more clips on page 2.

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