Who says you can’t find love at work?!

Mo McRae and Lex Scott Davis are officially husband and wife!

The gorgeous couple, who met while filming The First Purge together, exchanged vows on July 21 in “a little oasis away from L.A.”

It was an “unplugged” ceremony (no cell phones) so everyone was totally present for the momentous occasion.

Mo shared, “Something that struck me was the love that just permeated throughout the entire building. I was overwhelmed by it.”

The newlyweds are still on cloud nine and settling into life as husband and wife.

Lex gushed, “It’s still exciting to even say husband and wife out loud. We get giggly when we say it out loud.”

Mo recalled the moment he knew Lex was the one for him. The couple had traveled to Baltimore to visit with her family and they took a nap. He says he suddenly woke up out of his sleep with an overwhelming feeling.

In my heart, it was like a spiritual moment like, ‘she’s your wife.’ At that moment, I knew. I just couldn’t ignore it. I couldn’t run from my destiny.

Now that Mo McRae and Lex Scott Davis are married the real fun can begin.

Mo gushed, “I’m excited about all the love and adventures I get to go on with my best friend — and make as many kids as we can. Travel the world, make great art and a life together.”

“Joining forces will only make it even more impactful and more powerful,” Lex adds. “And yes, having as many kids as we possibly can. I’m an only child so I’m eager to have a really big family.”

Congratulations to the beautiful couple!

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