Marlon Wayans

In case you haven’t heard, Marlon Wayans is starring in a new Netflix original movie titled, “Sextuplets,” where he will play six lead characters!

When the news of the project broke, Marlon took to Instagram and wrote:

Every day i wake up like “how the f–k am i gonna pull this sh-t off”?!?!?

But then there’s a quiet confident whisper that says “shhhhhh, we got this”…. #letsgo

Filming is currently underway and Marlon has offered us a sneak peek at two of his main characters!


Marlon Wayans - Netflix -Sextuplets
Marlon Wayans as “Dawn” in “Sextuplets”



Marlon Wayans - Netflix -Sextuplets
Marlon Wayans as “Russell” in “Sextuplets”

No word yet on a release date for “Sextuplets,” but I can only imagine the levels of shenanigans and tomfoolery Marlon is about to give us in this film.

Congrats to Marlon Wayans! My homie stays booked and busy.

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