HBO - True Detective season 3 teaser - Mahershala Ali

HBO - True Detective season 3 teaser - Mahershala Ali

HBO has released the first look at “True Detective” season 3 starring Mahershala Ali.

Academy Award-winning actor plays the role of Arkansas state police detective Wayne Hays.

The teaser shows Detective Hays at three different ages as he talks about being haunted by a case.

Before you ever knew me, I wasn’t scared much. That wasn’t a fear for me. Things I’ve seen, things I know, wouldn’t do anything but cause harm. My whole brain’s a bunch of missing pieces.

My job…. there’s no certainty. This peace… is more haunting than anything. I want to know the whole story.

True Detective” season 3 also stars Mamie Gummer, Stephen Dorff, and Carmen Ejogo.

Watch the teaser trailer below.



I can’t wait to see Mahershala in action this January.

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