HBO has released the first look at their forthcoming film, “O.G.,” starring Jeffrey Wright and I’m totally intrigued.

About The Film:

O.G. follows Louis (Wright), once the head of a prominent prison gang, in the final weeks of his 24-year sentence.

His impending release is upended when he takes new arrival Beecher (Theothus Carter), who is being courted by gang leadership, under his wing.

Coming to grips with the indelibility of his crime and the challenge of reentering society, Louis finds his freedom hanging in the balance as he struggles to save Beecher.

Groundbreaking in being filmed at an actual prison, with many of the men incarcerated there cast in acting roles, O.G. takes an intimate and unflinching look at the journey of one man at the precipice of freedom.

Watch The Trailer:

O.G.” premieres on HBO on Saturday, February 23, at 10 p.m.

I will definitely be tuned in. How about you?