Fetty Wap Threatens To Sue Alexis Skyy After Sex Tape Leaks

Hey! What’s Up? Hell naw!

Fetty Wap is threatening to sue his ex-boo, Alexis Skyy, after their sex tape hit the internet on Tuesday.

The “Trap Queen” rapper had his lawyers fire off cease and desist letters citing invasion of privacy, harassment, and cyber-bullying to Alexis as well as multiple blog sites who posted the clip of the former couple engaging in various sex acts.

The letter read, “You must IMMEDIATELY STOP the distribution and/or attempted distribution of this alleged video to any and all media outlets.”

If the videos don’t come down…Fetty is gonna come her waaaaaaay – with his lawyers!

Cyber-bullying was added because Fetty has been getting clowned for the size of his manhood on social media. The comment section of his IG posts are filled with “shrimp.”

Fetty Wap sex tape

Meanwhile back at the ranch…Alexis Skyy took to social media to issue an apology to her family and fans. She added that God’s got her covered.

All of this is so crazy & embarrassing!! To think SOMEBODY would want to expose my personal life with the world is so disgusting but I have faith in Gods work & I know I’m covered! ?? Sorry to my family & supporters for this.

Alexis Skyy sex tape statement


Click here to see the cease and desist documents.

What a mess!!

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