Miss Marple 

And our list will open the master of detective genre Agatha Christie and her unmatched Miss Marple. Christie is known for many of her characters, but it was an old maid-detective Marple who deserved the love of readers around the world. Jane Marple, a lovely, lonely old woman with a sharp mind and incredible observational skills, lives in the small village of St. Mary Mead and manages to investigate matters that are too tough for the good old Scotland Yard. She loves to knit for her numerous relatives, care for petunias and study human nature. This brisk lady became the main character of Agatha Christie’s 12 novels. The most famous of them: “The Murder at the Vicarage” and “The Body in the Library.” The writer herself said that despite the mustache of Hercule Poirot (another detective created by her), Marple was always her favorite character and even a little prototype of her own self. This amateur detective was liked by the viewers so much that over the past 30 years, there have been three multi-part films based on the novels and stories of Agatha Christie. The most popular of them was the BBC’s series from 1984, where the main role is played by the famous British actress Joan Hickson. You can order the series here. 

Phryne Fisher 

Phryne Fisher, an Australian lady detective, the creation of the novelist, director, and producer Kerry Greenwood. The author admits that she conceived novels as an Australian response to the British James Bond. Phryne Fisher lives in Melbourne in the 1920s, works as a private detective and is fond of adventures. She is attractive, extravagant and clever. He loves men and expensive cars, and always carries with her a small feminine pistol with a pearl grip. In addition to the 18 novels, Phryne Fisher is the main character of the 2012 Australian series of the same name, where the main role is played by the delightful Essie Davis, who known to us from the films The Matrix Reloaded and Australia. Greenwood herself was directly involved in the filming of the series and is confident that Essie Davis has amazingly embodied the character invented by her. 

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Veronica Mars 

Our next heroine, on the contrary, left the television screens and decided to conquer the world of literature. He who has not watched “Veronica Mars”, is definitely not a fan of detectives. The heroine of the eponymous series, Veronica, lives in the small American town of Neptune and helps her father, a private detective, to lead interesting (but mostly uninteresting) investigations. A high school student helps wives to prove their husbands’ infidelity, find missing people and reveals many criminal plots. 

The role of the young detective went to a young American actress Kristen Bell, and it became her most popular and recognizable role. Blonde beauty won millions of fans around the world. Therefore, at the end of the third season, the creators released a full-length film, a continuation of the detective story of Veronica Mars. 

A year later, the novel also came out, where 10 years after graduating from school, Veronica returns to her hometown and becomes involved in the dark world of crime and drugs. The book will be interesting to read to those who have not yet watched the show. Smart, cunning and courageous Veronica Mars will not leave you be bored. 

Clarice Starling 

Few haven’t watched the sensational film with the magnificent Anthony Hopkins called Silence of the Lambs. But it is in the novel by Thomas Harris, according to which the thriller was filmed, that we see a vivid image of a young FBI cadet Clarice Starling. 

Brave, intelligent, educated, she not only possesses remarkable psychological skills but also alone finds and neutralizes the terrifying psychopathic Buffalo Bill. The novel of Harris is impressive, scary, you can read it in one breath. We do not recommend to our underage audience: it is quite gruesome.  

In the Oscar-winning screen version of the FBI Young Detective’s novel, the magnificent Jodie Foster plays her role. She plays so memorably that, despite the complex film and her being a shy character, she does not leave anyone indifferent. Jodie Foster received an Oscar for the role of Clarice Starling, and she believes that this film was the culmination of her career.