Orlando shooter Omar Mateen wife Noor Mateen arrested

The FBI arrested the wife of Orlando nightclub shooter Omar Mateen on Monday in connection to the mass shooting.

Noor Mateen was taken into custody in California, where she now resides on charges related to obstruction of justice.

Via NBC News:

“I can confirm the arrest did occur,” Attorney General Loretta Lynch said on MSNBC.

“This is a matter that we continue to take very seriously,” she said. “We said from the beginning we were going to look at every aspect of this case, every aspect of this shooters life — to determine not just why did he take these actions, but who else knew about them, was anyone else involved, is there any other accountability that needs to be had here in this case.”

Details of the charges against Salman were not immediately made public, but law-enforcement sources said they are related to obstruction of justice.

Authorities said early on in the investigation that they were considering filing criminal charges against Salman if it was shown that she knew what her husband was planning and did nothing.

If she knew what Omar was planning and sat in silence…she gotta go!

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