Mr. L Davis wrote:

Y’all need to stop lying and cut the sh*t!

That was not a joint statement that’s some shit y’all put out @TheRealDaytime Tamar did not agree to leave the real.

Y’all just emailed us FRIDAY @TheRealDaytime Asking us to keep y’all in the know of everything Tamar is doing during off season.

Then y’all get up hearing Sunday leaking stories so that it could coincide with the show that aired today @TheRealDaytime

Y’all know damn well today’s episode was filmed 3 weeks ago but wanted viewers to think it was live and she was mad @TheRealDaytime

Tamar gave so much to your show. Didn’t even properly promote her album because she was trapped on set all day @TheRealDaytime

Then y’all leak rumors that she’s a diva and not liked by the viewers @TheRealDaytime

Was Tamar a diva before or after she had to provide her own wardrobe shoes cuz the cheap ass real ain’t have a budget ? @TheRealDaytime

Was she a diva before or after y’all sent her to the WHITE HOUSE and had her makeup artist style her cuz y’all @TheRealDaytime

Y’all was too cheap to fly an actual stylist out @TheRealDaytime

Was she a diva before or after she was tHE ONLY host that drove herself to work while everyone else demanded car service @TheRealDaytime

And missing shows? The lady almost died and y’all showed up at the hospital talking about “take your time” @TheRealDaytime

She returned to set with tubs still in her chest draining her from surgery. @TheRealDaytime

So don’t be lying talking about joint statement and talking about she left to focus on her solo career cuz that’s a lie @TheRealDaytime

Nobody knew Tamar wasn’t coming back for season three. We just did a WHOLE photoshoot for season three @TheRealDaytime

So the notion that Tamar or anyone OVER HERE knew before this weekend is a lie. @TheRealDaytime

But God bless you. And your last two seasons. @TheRealDaytime

Done sat in that lady house crying and shit only to turn around and be mad she was sick?????

Now don’t get me wrong I understand business is business. But don’t be in this lady house and in her hospital room like it’s all good

And that’s why they leaked the story she got fired on Saturday so the episode on Monday would show her being upset

Even though that episode had been filmed

When has a show ever released a press release or statement on a Sunday

They wanted y’all to think Tamars attitude was off due to the news but that episode had been shot

Why would she quit the real to focus on solo stuff when she been doing solo stuff all along her giving the real majority of her attention?

And then why not allow her the proper send off on the real like they do every other host on every other show? Exactly shade.

And in the words of the famous Toni Braxton, anybody want some ice cream?

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