Farrah Franklin- Destiny's Child - Beyonce

Farrah Franklin On Her Departure From Destiny’s Child

Farrah Franklin, who was a member Destiny’s Child for six months, is sharing her truth on the real reason why left the group.

Years ago, Beyonce told Carson Daly the group severed ties with Farrah after she missed major events, appearances, and performances.

15 years later (yes, I said 15), Farrah sat down with VLAD TV and is telling her side of the story.

The singer, who has had a few run-ins with the law, said she made the decision to leave the group after being mistreated by Mathew Knowles and her group members.

Farrah Franklin also accused Beyonce for covering up the truth.

I’ve never missed a show. Ever…or I would have got kicked out of a group. You know how much I was getting paid to do shows and it was the best part of my day?! I’m not missing any shows.

But, when I leave the group….they weren’t honest with people and said that I left. They were trying to give themselves more time to clear the air or whatever. But, I’ve never missed a show….ever!

You can’t say I’m missing shows when I’m no longer a part of the group.

That’s a lie. Humph…bold faced one.

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