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This is the day you waited and prayed for just for me. I know your up in heaven right now telling everyone you know and the ones you’ve met in heaven that your Grand Baby is having a Wedding. Grandma can you do me a favor? Can you come to my wedding today? Let me feel your presence in the room. Also one more thing😢 can you let my family know I Love Them and it’s only one of me but if I could do it all I would. Grandma I really do miss you😢 and I need you to be here today.. Grandma when you see Abraham can you let him know I desire to have his kind of Faith, let Daniel know I desire to Have his Humbleness and his Connection he had with the Father thru prayer. Gran let David know I desire to have his strength and when The Philistines come after me and all that I’ve built ill be able to tear down Giants that come to destroy me. Tell God I said I promise to stay Faithful to Him, my Husband and My Kids.

Heaven you have a special Angel up there and she is faithful to the End.. Today with God and Addie Collins it’s going to be a Blessed Day… I’ll be TaylorMade

What a beautiful letter!

I wish Fantasia and Kendall the very best on their wedding day!

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