Jazmine Sullivan said “Forever doesn’t last too long these days….”

Fantasia, who is mourning her grandmother’s passing, revealed she and new husband, Kendall Taylor, have split up.

Last October, we learned Fanny had secretly married Kendall following a whirlwind romance that completely swept the singer off of her feet.

Did Fantasia & Her New Boo Kendall Taylor Tie The Knot?

Remember when she wrote:

This Man…. Lord!!!! My Mr and I’m Mrs . . Daddy He Is… What A Night is all I can say.. Ending it with you Baby Makes it All Better.

She also had a good word for those who tried to remind her of her past mistakes while warning her about jumping in too deep too soon with Kendall.

FYI : Don’t come to me about what somebody said cause I DONT CARE!!! That ain’t putting No Cash Flow in my pocket… Also please stop walking up to me and bringing up old News and saying you praying for me. Your praying for old stuff and I need you to help me cover the New well ok guys thanks.

In a series of posts on her Instagram account (some of which she has deleted), Fantasia laid her heart and her business on the streets of social media.

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